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What’s Our Passion?

The rapid advancement of sequencing technologies over the last two decades has delivered unprecedented insights into the biology of the human genome. We are passionate about genomic technology innovation, equipped with an established large-scale sequencing center, and have scientific track records in chromatin biology.

Our primary services include Library Construction, Sequencing, and Genotyping.

Library Construction & Sequencing projects are submitted as genomic DNA or RNA and go through our entire pipeline. The pipeline includes quality control, library construction, sequencing, data quality control, and data release.

Sequencing Only Projects are for investigators who want to prepare the libraries themselves. Prepared libraries are submitted to the NWGC, loaded onto our sequencers, and FASTQ files are returned to the investigator.

Genotyping Only Projects are designed for investigators who have samples that require genotyping, but do not require sequencing. There are numerous chip and array options available to fit the needs of any size and type of project. Submitted samples follow our quality control pipeline prior to genotyping and custom genotyping reports are generated and released to the investigator.

  • For Library Construction & Sequencing Projects and Genotyping Only Projects, a Project Manager is assigned to monitor and communicate the progress of all samples through the workflow and ensure timely delivery of data.
  • For Sequencing Only Projects, a contact person within the sequencing group is assigned who handles the project management role to ensure clear and timely communication and delivery of data.
  • Each production group (quality control and genotyping, library construction, sequencing, and bioinformatics) employs dedicated staff who specializes in these specific areas. This ensures the highest level of quality, professionalism, and shortest turn-around times.