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Husky Flying Club

Husky Flying Club

About the Husky Flying Club

Three years ago, a group of cadets in the Air Force ROTC program at UW came together to share and explore their love of planes and aviation. Thinking beyond their ROTC community, these students expanded their mission and reach, forming the Husky Flying Club RSO in 2019, and bringing aviation enthusiasts across the UW together under a common vision. The Husky Flying Club has since expanded into four key areas: flight simulation, drone racing, aviation engineering, and ground school. Club President Devrin Chullandandana says “What we’re trying to do in Husky Flying Club is building a real, intimate community for students at UW to actually fly and join the aviation industry.”

How STF Helped

Before Husky Flying Club, access to aviation was limited to a select few who could afford ground and flight school – many of them competing for just a few available flight scholarships. Gaining flight experience in real aircraft also takes a significant time commitment beyond normal school and work schedules. Seeing a unique opportunity to greatly expand access and remove barriers to students, the Husky Flying Club approached the Student Technology Fee to fund a full flight simulator, allowing students to gain familiarity and practice operating aircraft. The flight simulator was a huge success in boosting the profile of the Husky Flying Club and recruiting new members, particularly those who just have a general interest in flying. Following the success of their first proposal, Husky Flying Club returned to the Student Technology Fee to seek funds for racing drones, allowing them to compete at the collegiate and MultiGP Drone Racing League levels as UW’s only drone racing team. Most recently, the Husky Flying Club requested funds to purchase a kit airplane, allowing members of the Club to gain hands-on experience building and maintaining real, operating, FAA-certified aircraft. The plane also carries potential research opportunities for students interested in mechanical and aerospace engineering or other projects needing access to aircraft. Altogether, the Student Technology Fee has received $112,555 over four proposals.

The Impact

With over 600 active members from many disciplines – STEM and non-STEM alike – the Husky Flying Club has successfully fostered a unique community and leveraged the Student Technology Fee as a resource in making their vision a reality. Husky Flying Club now offers free access to FAA-certified flight simulators, hands-on training and development for flight school and drone racing and maintenance, and is now preparing to undertake its largest project ever: building an airplane. Husky Flying Club also works with local flying schools and programs to offer free and reduced ground school and flight hours to students making progress toward their pilot’s license. Husky Flying Club’s impact and use of the Student Technology Fee is making aviation accessible to a much wider group of students and developing a home for those passionate about aviation to collect, brainstorm, and do exciting things together.

What Members Say

“Having to speak and present the proposals in front of more than 50 people was an experience that I couldn’t do throughout my college experience. And it is hugely important to me as I’m more of an introverted person but was able to step out of my comfort zone with the support of HFC.”
“Through successfully working with the STF proposal process, we are now more confident to make proposals to big companies like Boeing and Alaska Airlines.”
“As a head of an engineering team and serving as a project manager, this has been an incredible experience for me to prepare myself for my future career in the industry. Wherever I end up in life, project management is a really useful skill set. I think my experience at HFC will really have helped me become a more well-rounded engineer.”
“As someone who fears heights and never could have gone onto a plane, I’ve really enjoyed the way that Husky Flying Club lowers the threshold. I really love the fact that you can go in, no cost needed, and start exploring the world of aviation.”

“Through successfully working with the STF proposal process, we are now more confident to make proposals to big companies like Boeing and Alaska Airlines.”

What's Next

Though Husky Flying Club already has a lot of work ahead of them developing the projects they have, members look forward to further enhancing undergraduate skills in engineering. They plan to use existing programs, like drone racing, to expand and step into new areas and projects that build off previous success and interest. There are also unique opportunities in research and laboratories around campus that members in the Husky Flying Club look forward to leveraging in the future, likely with help from the Student Technology Fee.

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